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Businesses of Future

World as we know is changing and changing fast. At Zinomy, we are rebuilding the fundamental blocks of traditional business with AI.

We are building automation platform that helps businesses automate real actionable tasks that typically require one or more humans to work in sync to accomplish it. Functions that we currently support are Sales, HR and Customer Support.

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We innovate for better lives

Zinomy invests in solving real world problems with the right use of latest gen AI and ML developments.

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Keeping a focus on the problem

As builders it is easy to get married to a solution and not the problem

Using technology as a tool

Keeping the problem and the end use case at the front and center

Solutions need to reach a wider audience

Having a great idea isnt enough, You need to think about how to take it to market

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Ideas attached to the real world problems

We are obsessed not with the solutions but with the problems. We take pride in an unwavering attention to a problem and the ability to go deep.

Join us if you are of a type who generally sees a lot of problems around you.

Growth Hackers

Dynamics of marketing and growth are constantly changing

We leverage our expert panel's experience and diverse marketing know-how to build successful outcomes for the ideas that we take up.

Join us if you find your calling in growth and marketing.

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Meet the founders


Dikshant Dave

Chief Executive Officer


Larry Braitman

Managing Partner


Karma Pandya

Chief Technology Officer


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Be a part of problem


Whether you are a developer or a product designer or into marketing or business development and want to join a team of super talented bunch. Click below to talk to us.

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